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speciality services

Global Positioning System (GPS) Surveying

A GPS (Global Positioning System) survey utilizes high precision survey grade Global Positioning Receivers to establish horizontal and vertical values for remote locations. Measurements can be determined without the necessity of a clear line of sight between points on the ground which enables the surveyor to work in extraordinary terrain and to cover large areas in an efficient and precise manner. GPS equipment is sometimes used to gather vertical and horizontal positions of existing features including, but not limited to, boundaries, improvements, topography and planned locations for construction.

Permitting Services

The professionals at Ackison Surveying have the experience in working with federal, state and local jurisdictions, and our thorough knowledge of processing procedures, we are able to expedite the permit process for our customers. Our extensive experience in construction procedures and plan review for both private and public improvements insures that our customers’ projects are in compliance with all jurisdictional requirements prior to the submittal process.

Right-of-Way Negotiation & Acquisition Services

Our professionally trained Right of Way staff is proficient in all aspects of right-of-way acquisition including title research, cost appraisals, property valuations, negotiations with property owners and securing easements, along with providing all associated support documentation. The experience and knowledge our professionals possess help identify and effectively resolve any potential right-of-way problem from the beginning of the project.